Alpha Psi Tau
Established 1978

Since its inception, Alpha Psi Tau has been the 'alternative' sorority, based around militantly left-wing ideals, filled with staunch feminists, lesbian separatists, Goddess-centric neopagans and more. In theory, of course, this is a good thing, seeing as Greyson's Greek community tends to be a little conservative and elitist; in practice, the Alpha Psi Taus are raging terrors who generally give their own causes a bad name. It seems sometimes as though the sisters won't be happy until Greyson is filled entirely with Goddess-worshipping, strictly feminist, vegan ecoterrorist lesbians, and the sorority has been cited and officially suspended repeatedly for some of its protest tactics. Even the student organizations with which the Alpha Psi Taus should find common cause generally refuse to associate with them.

The sorority's extremist ideals and tactics actually led to a massive schism in the 1980s, when Omega Psi Tau was founded by a group of disgruntled, decidedly more moderate former Alpha Psi sisters. While this at least means that there's one alternative sorority on campus that's not filled with extremist wackos, it's had the unfortunate of driving Alpha Psi Tau further off the deep end. The calm, reasonable sorts tend to go for the Omegas instead, while the Alphas continue to attract those few girls who find common cause with their particular precepts. The sorority's membership hovers constantly between thirty and sixty girls in total, but each and every one of them is very vocal and just itching for a fight.