Beta Kappa Mu
Established 1954

A fairly typical sorority dedicated to the education of fine, polished young women when it was first established, Beta Kappa Mu has found new direction and purpose in more recent years, with the advent of Title IX and the rapid expansion of women's sports at Greyson. It is now known across campus as the jock sorority, with around thirty to forty percent of all female varsity athletes at Greyson claiming membership and the main body of the sorority working continually to bring new athletic opportunities to the university's women. The girls of Beta Kappa Mu work hard and play hard; their postgame parties are legendary on campus, and there are very few students who make it through four years at Greyson without visiting the Beta Kappa house at least once.

Though the sorority is generally well-liked, it is surrounded by its share of rumors, including the inevitable claims that its members are uniformly gay thanks to their athletic interests. Unfortunately, this has caused something of a backlash within the sorority, as an unspoken presentation code requires all sisters to dress and act in an overtly feminine manner off the field -- with strict, secretly administered penalties for those who don't comply. And though no one has yet been able to prove that open discrimination is at work, the sorority always seems to find excuses to drop openly gay and bisexual pledges from its roster. Naturally, there are a few sisters who object to these policies, and some mounting anger over the situation on the campus at large, but for the moment, at least, the sorority's leadership refuses to budge. Partially as an effort to further its own image of staunch, uniform heterosexuality, Beta Kappa Mu is most closely affiliated with the Tau Omicron Mu fraternity, which is similarly athletically inclined and, more importantly, filled with strapping young men who are only too happy to escort any given Beta Kappa to any sort of party or public event.