Gamma Lambda Mu
Established 1976

Based out of Church House, in Shadowgard Center, Gamma Lambda Mu was first founded by the various 'brains' on campus who, for all their intelligence and academic excellence, were simply sneered at by most of Greyson's existing fraternities. It turns out that Greyson had a whole lot of budding, somewhat nerdy geniuses, so Gamma Lambda Mu remains the nerd fraternity to this day - and there are always plenty of pledges ready and willing to do whatever it takes to gain membership each year. Together with its more recently established women's section, Gamma Lambda Phi, the Gamma Lambda organization now harbors between 75 and 80 percent of Greyson's best and brightest, at least in mathematics, computing and assorted hard sciences. Its members are well past the cutting edge of modern technology; many of their 'pet projects' have less to do with building a better computer game or working out a mathematical theorem, and more to do with creating VR systems that give actual reality a run for its money, developing artificial intelligences, working toward safe and reliable desktop cold fusion, and more. If you want the ultimate Slaying tech, a robot girlfriend or just about any other invention you can think of, the guys at Gamma Lambda Mu are the ones to see.

The Gamma Lambda organization as a whole is fairly open-minded and progressive, though Gamma Lambda Mu itself still carries elements of the old boys' club it used to be: cheesecake posters on the walls of Church House, plenty of booze, and a subservient artificial intelligence currently called Anna who looks like a pinup model and whose robot body, it's rumored, is frequently used as a sex toy. There are also a number of nice, sociable, mature geeks in the organization, and they are slowly gaining the upper hand and taking control of leadership positions, but the boys of Gamma Lambda have yet to shake off all the stigmas attached to their fraternity.

Gamma Lambda Mu isn't regularly associated with any sororities; its relationship with Gamma Lambda Phi is official and carries more familiar overtones than romantic ones. That said, the brothers of Gamma Lamb rather unsurprisingly tend to be upwardly mobile, selling new technologies and landing cushy jobs or starting new firms straight out of college - sometimes while they're still in school! With that in mind, some of the brothers have begun to attract the attention of social climber sorority Beta Alpha Rho, and there have been a few seasons in recent memory when the sorority formally linked up with Gamma Lambda Mu as a whole.